Cameron Gamble

"Where you go is your business. Getting you back is mine."

In the midst of chaos you will find a journalist


Let’s face it, journalists assume risk like no other. In the midst of chaos where most are fleeing from, you will find a journalist rushing towards the center of the storm.

Every single day journalists are required to expose themselves to danger in order to share with the world what's really happening at ground zero.

Both the journalist and the network sending them have an obligation to their safety and well being.

Our four day training course for journalists is structured like no other. With full exposure to the real elements of a crisis, our journalists are sure to be given critical thinking skills as their hearts pound and adrenaline races through their bodies.         


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2017 Training Events

April 1 - a one-day seminar focussing on personal safety and security.

April 6-8 - a three day training event focussing on the ultimate experience in world travel. This event is not for everyone. We will be very selective as to who attends this event. It is both physically and mentally challenging. The seats for the three day training are also extremely limited. 

For more information and pricing on either event, please email us at

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