Cameron Gamble

"Where you go is your business. Getting you back is mine."

Over the past decade Cameron has become a well respected keynote speaker and platform instructor. Academically, he has trained tens of thousands of people in both private settings and large coliseum venues. His craft has been honed on stage creating the most relevant points of discussion and training, given the limitations of holding only a microphone.

Taking the topic of Captivity Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a standard three-week military training course, and condensing it into an afternoon key note speech can be daunting. Yet, Cameron has done just that by teaching the most pertinent and empowering “save your life” techniques available. His keynotes are interactive, witty, enthralling and energetic.

If you are interested in learning how to book Cameron for a keynote event please contact us

2017 Training Events

April 1 - a one-day seminar focussing on personal safety and security.

April 6-8 - a three day training event focussing on the ultimate experience in world travel. This event is not for everyone. We will be very selective as to who attends this event. It is both physically and mentally challenging. The seats for the three day training are also extremely limited. 

For more information and pricing on either event, please email us at

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